About Us


Me and hive 

The Little Honey Bee Company is based in Surrey.  We keep bees on a couple of different sites, including an allotment and a garden centre.  As bees forage for up to 3 miles (and sometimes even further if they have to) it means the bees are foraging on a wide range of flowers in parks, gardens, allotments and hedgerows.  This produces a wonderful floral honey which will differ from year to year depending on the forage available.    

Honey and beeswax are harvested from these hives to be used in our range of gorgeous soaps and bath time treats. 

However, as we strongly believe that bees should have their own food wherever possible we only ever take the honey the bees can afford to give us.  This means we rarely feed sugar/sugar syrup to our bees, but when necessary we will.  You can therefore be sure that our honey has not been taken at the expense of the bees.

All our candles, soaps and bath time treats are handmade by us in small quantities so they are as fresh as possible.  We also keep the ingredients in our products as simple and natural as possible, mostly using essential oils for their added benefits as well as aroma, but we sometimes use fragrance oils to give you the choice. 

Our products are then wrapped, labelled and packed by hand to be sold throughout the year at local farmers markets, one off events and our Beeswax & Honey parties.


Where it all began 

It all began when my husband and I decided to take on an allotment on a site that was very overgrown. At the time being a beekeeper was something that had never crossed my mind and whilst I had always had an interest in making natural products it was limited to the occasional facemask.

Then one sunny evening I decided to explore the little path I had noticed leading into the brambles on the corner of the allotment site.  At the end of this little path was a gate made out of a pallet.  Looking over the gate I saw a plum tree, an apple tree, a little patch of grass, a shed with stained glass window and a bee hive.  I could imagine a deckchair outside the shed and sitting listening to the radio, or reading a book with the hum of the bees in the background and butterflies flitting past.  After that evening whenever I went to the allotment I would wander down the little path and watch the bees for a while, saying good evening to them when I left.

Bees at hive entrance 

A few months later I heard that the beekeeper was looking for someone to take over the bees as he was moving out of the area.  I remember thinking that as I liked honey I could take over the bees and have my own honey for breakfast.  I started doing some research into beekeeping, joined my local association and went along to one of their meetings where I was lent a veil.  Unfortunately for my poor husband that as they say was that.  The first time I looked in a hive and one of the other beekeepers at the meeting started showing me what was going on inside the hive I was completely and utterly fascinated and have been hooked ever since.  I continued going to the meetings, did a beekeeping course and that winter I took over the care of the bees.

That was the start of a wonderful and totally fascinating hobby and it would probably have just remained so if I hadn't have been (un)fortunate enough to have a bad accident mid-summer one year.  To suddenly find myself housebound for the best part of a year whilst I recovered, not able to look after my bees (some wonderful friends and beekeepers looked after them for me), dig my allotment or walk the dog was enough to send me nuts!  Then one day whilst I was sitting feeling sorry for myself, I remembered my interest in natural products and how I had wanted to learn soap making etc so I decided that as I had lots of time on my hands (and a lot of honey and beeswax) now was the time.   

I started researching into the properties and benefits of honey and beeswax and was convinced that I wanted all my products to contain these wonderful ingredients, along with the benefits of aromatherapy oils, and other wonderful natural ingredients. 

Initially I made lots of balms, soaps and candles which I gave away as Christmas and birthday presents.  When I found myself getting requests for more soaps, I decided to find out about safety assessments to enable me to sell my beeswax and honey products to buy more beekeeping equipment. . . . a few products led to a few more. . .

. . . and from there The Little Honey Bee Company was born.


Hive 1