Talks, Workshops & Parties

We are able to offer a number of options and ideas for talks and parties.  Here are just a few, but if you don't see what you want please contact us as we may be able to help.


Ladies - invite your friends round for an evening of socialising and pampering.  You invite your friends round and we'll bring a selection of our beeswax and honey products round for you to look at and try out.  The hostess receives 10% of the sales towards her own goodies.




Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a hive?  

I bring along a “virtual” hive.  This is all the components of a hive, but without the live bees.  Instead there's frames with pictures of what goes on inside the hive.   I also bring along a smoker, hive tools, a couple of veiled jackets (the younger audiences love taking a turn trying them on). 

The talk is based around a weekly hive check.  It is a very informal talk and I answer questions as we go, so the talk can cover all sorts of beekeeping topics, such as:- 

Why do bees swarm?

What do the bees do in winter?

How long do bees live?

How do they make honey?

Is honey good for hayfever?



Did you know there are approximately 270 different types of bees in the UK alone?  Only one of them is the honey bee, and only a few of them are fat and fluffy.  What are their different life cycles?  What is the purpose of so many different bees?  And do they sting?

Most of us are aware that bees are currently facing a lot of problems and so this talk also covers a bit about the problems facing bees (and other pollinators).  It’s not all doom and gloom though and there's also a little about how we can help the bees.




Beeswax & honey have many wonderful properties which make them ideal for skin care products. 

This talk covers the basics of making many of your own products, including face masks, lip balms and soaps together with some recipes you can try out yourself at home.

There is also a teeny bit about the legislation around selling your products if you should decide to take your hobby a little further, or to give you confidence when buying handmade products.




Make your own bath bombs and mini bath fizzers.

I bring along all the ingredients you need to make approximately 5 bath bombs, moulds, gloves and aprons.  You provide a bowl for mixing and a board or tray to take your creations home. 

Ideal for birthday parties and also groups such as guides, ladies’ groups etc.

Suitable for ages 8 upwards, but younger children can join in with adult help.



I bring along pre-cut sheets of beeswax for each person to make 4 different designs of mini candles and demonstrate how to make them.  I also bring along coloured wax so you can get creative and decorate your candles.

This session works really well as part of a two week “package” of a Hive Talk and Candle Making for children's groups.

Candle making can also be incorporated into adult talks or can be a separate session.


 For more information or to book a talk please do contact me either by telephone on 07906 228 929 or by email –

I’m happy to take bookings at short notice if I’m free so should you have a last minute cancellation and need a speaker, please do ask.  I’m also happy to tailor talks/workshops for your own individual group requirements.



Mrs V . . . Gatwick  . . . Michelle is such a bubbly character, the girls lover her and still talk about ‘the bee lady’.

Louise . . . Beaver Scout Leader . . . Thank you so much for a really informative and fun couple of weeks, the Beavers really enjoyed it - as did the adults!


We were surprised by how engrossed the group were with the talk, we had to stop questions as parents were waiting to pick them up!


Mrs S . . . Guide Leader . . . Our Guides loved making bathbombs, the end resut was so professional looking, much better than if we’d done our own night with a DIY kit.


Mrs L . . . Wallington . . . Michelle’s knowledge about and passion for her bees is inspiring.


Mrs J – Cub Scout Leader . . . I have known this lady for a few years now and can say that I have always enjoyed her talks and have always learnt something new.  Her talks are well structured to the age groups she is talking to.  I will always recommend to anyone who asks.


Candle making was so enjoyable we repeated the activity – great for all ages.


Mrs J . . . Wallington . . .Michelle first came to talk to our WI in 2013.  She delivered a very interesting talk on bees and we all joined in a beeswax candle making session.  She has also provided us with a tutorial on bath bomb making, which we’ve enjoyed so much we have re-booked again for later in the year. We have had Michelle back to us on several occasions and have always found her talks and tutorials both interesting and informative.


We all thank you so very much for the wonderful talk on Beekeeping.It was so interesting,and we loved your products that you sold.Those of us on the committee had some very good feedback from our members,who said that you were an excellent speaker and very interesting,with so much packed into your hour.One of our best talks ever with so much information.Well presented and clearly spoken and delivered.We all felt that questions as you go was better than at the end.One member had enjoyed your talks before and this was the best ever.A lot of us had not realised how complicated the structure of a beehive is.Many thanks for such an enjoyable afternoon that kept us all entertained.